Labyrinth City Demo online on Steam — Speedrun Contest

Hello all, long time no talk!

We haven't mentioned it before, but Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective is participating in Steam Next Fest, which means that… Yes, you guessed it! The demo is now live! You can go to to have a try at the demo while waiting for the game to be released.

When will it be released you ask? Well, good news, the game's official release day on PC will be June 22! So only a few more days to wait. We will release it on Steam at first, and may make it available on in the future, however we do not yet have a specific time frame for now.

That being said, the real interesting stuff comes here:

Since the demo is online, and some people like to stream it, we thought of making it a little more interesting. If you record or stream footage of the demo, whichever level, and if you find all hidden objects in that level, send us a link to your footage either on Twitter at or at to participate in the contest!

The fastest player to complete the level will receive a Steam redeem code on release day!

See you guys!

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