Demo and plan

Hello everyone!

So we have good news and bad news. The good news is that we have been working hard on the game and are now ready to showcase the progress to a wider audience. To this end, we have decided to participate in the Steam Winter Game Festival that will be online from Feb. 3 to 9, so if you wanna see the quality of life improvements we have added to the game, head over there!

Now, for the bad news: As we will put an improved version of the demo online soon, we have decided to remove the one on It would be unnecessarily confusing to keep an older version here when the new one is somewhere else. We hope you understand our decision.

The second bad news is that the demo will not be available to US-based players. We have identified core mistakes in our demo and, as the US is one of our most important market, we do not want to showcase a product that could be considered flawed and would potentially drive players away. We are working hard on correcting the issues and improving the build so that we can propose an improved experience to our US players in the very near future. We will of course keep you updated on that as we have more information.

In any case, we would like to thank you all for your understanding and patience and we hope you will enjoy Labyrinth City :D

Take care!


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I hate that as a creator you are afraid to show mistakes to the US audience because they only expect the best and don't even give them a chance to fix the mistakes. I know this is not really the case for most things, but I can understand it here when you have worked hard to show what you want the game to be. So the expectation is higher than if you released a demo first then showed the plans for the game. For me personally, if someone is not willing to give them a chance to improve the game, then I don't care if they enjoy it or not. Sorry for the rant, just felt that needed to be said. (and yes I am a US player) so that did kind of hurt but I get where you are coming from and I'm happy to wait. As rushing will only produce a sloppy game that no one will be happy about.


Hey there! Sorry for the late reply.

No need to apologize for your "rant", as we completely understand your frustration and we knew that US players would be particularly pleased with our decision. On the contrary, we are glad that you share your opinion with us :)

First of all, be assured that we didn’t make the decision lightly: It was sure to backfire, especially this late into the festival, after announcing our participation. The thing is, we felt that it was better to face the ire of players regarding the non-participation rather than alienate them because of some flaws, real or otherwise. The state of the English localization was, frankly speaking, bad and considering that the game was, at the time, scheduled for release the month following the festival, we decided to pull out, and rethink our launch schedule to propose a final version that was every bit the game we wanted to release in the first place. Hence a lot of postponing and lack of communications on our part. Polishing the game has been more arduous than we first thought, but we are happy to tell that the final version will be everything that we envisioned when first deciding to make Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective!


Bad bad news

Quite bad, but we will put the demo back online in a bit (not sure yet when), so people can enjoy the game (and it will be a very close to final version, so all dialogues will have been added and polished. It will also be available in all languages). Hope you’ll give it a shot :D